Circle Members


Thank you to the following members of the Whitaker Circle of Commitment who have demonstrated a commitment to enhance instructional opportunities that benefit the students of Whitaker Elementary School:

Eagle Circle Donors

Janna and Kamal Ajam

Margot and Geoffrey Beach

Emily and John Beeler

Shelley and Daryl Bible

Erin and Rick Bonsall

Jennifer and Lee Bryan

Missy and Archer Butler

Jane and Paul Daniel

Christin and George Dunn

Evan and Mark Dunnagan

Daniela and Sean Grady

Beverly and Ronald Hogan

Teresa and Lucas Inman

Angela and Drew Jenkins

Frances and Theodore Kazakos

Amy and George Lawson

Kam and Peter McHugh

Elizabeth and Michael Myers

Lisa and Keith Norman

Britt and Joe Parrish

Mandy and Lee Patterson

Stacy and Matt Petronzio

Cali and Woody Rich

Heather and Malcolm Robertson

Meghann and Tanner Robinson

Annie and Matt Rogers

Cristen and Ben Sessions

Kelly and Brad Simpson

Jamie and Alex Stacy

Lindsay and Blake Stanley

Kimberly and Jay Ward

Amy and Marshall White


Whitaker Friends

Margaret and Craig Alden

Kristina and Brad Ayer

Jennifer and Patrick Baker

Nicole and Seth Beale

Kara and Clancy Clark

Jon Cox

Cabell and Joyner Edmundson

Sarah Squire and Mike Furr

Stacey and James Gay

Angela and Jeffrey Hubbard

Kiera and Geoff Lassiter

Laura and Josh Neelon

Oona and Jim O’Neill

Abbie and Drew Plonk

Jenny and Ben Rowland

Marley Russell

David Samuel

Lindsay and Roy Strowd

Laura and Sterling Swaim


Jennifer and Taylor Adams

Joanna and Jeffrey Andrews

Eleni and Chris Balourdos

Ginni and Stephen Baker

Allison and Josh Bennett

Sarah and Drew Blackwell

William Blackwell

Kimberlee and Justin Blaylock

Sarre and Steve Boglioli

Rebecca and Rob Boone

Andrea and Brandon Branscome

Charles Brown

Katie Burge

James Butler

Brooke and William Cash

Ginneth Castaneda

Behethland and Tom Clark

Claudine and Timothy Corbett

Mary Katherine and Josh Crane

Sarah Jane and Joe Crompton

Isbel Cruz-Chaudhry

Kerry and Steven Danelson

Ceci and Linwood Davis

Anne and Chris Dunn

Lynn Dwiggins

Amie and Kevin Ehrman

Eurikca Eustache

Maureen and Tommy Elrod

Nancy and John Fagg

Nora and R.T. Ferrell

Jeni and West Fowler

Errin and Soni Fulp

Jennifer Gentry

Mary Beth and Drew Gerstmyer

Anne Glenn

Laura and James Glick

Anna and Pedja Gligorovic

Monica Guy

Karen and Rod Hatcher

Lindsay and Alan Hodgson

Elizabeth and Todd Holbrook

Carol and Chip Holden

Pamela and David Holton

Elizabeth and Matt Honeycutt

Heather and Michael Hosey

Melinda Hurt

Dorothy Kennedy Hurt

Lou Ann and Joe Inman

Nell and Soren Johnson

Nicole and Will Johnson

Philippina and Eugene Joubert

Marian and Darryl Kennedy

Stephanie and David Kennedy

Lindsey King

Barbara and Brent Kirby

Carrie and John Kirby

Emily Lambert

Lee Lecamu

Christopher Lemons

Leigh and Craig Longhurst

Kelly and Douglas Lopeman

Robert Lowe

Rosemary McCarthy

Beth McDaniel

Anna Monroe

Barbara Moses-Malone

Brittany Murray

Sarah and Dionysios Nikolaidis

Kari Nuffer

Julie and Grant Oates

Spence and James O’Neill

Sara and Zac Painter

Amy and Josh Paris

Brian Pearce

Jacqulyn Piscetelli

Kimberly Powers

Joyce Preslar

Kristin and Daniel Presutti

Laura Puryear

Porfiria Quiahua itenhua

Jared Ragone

Mike Robinson and Wynn Tanner

Amanda and Brian Rucker

Sara and Alex Rucker

Megan Rudock

Shannon and Greg Russ

Jennifer and Zachary Sandbulte

Ashley and Kirk Sanders

Lee and Stuart Saunders

Terry & Ashley Semchyshyn

Anne Sessions

Emily and Kevin Shute

Sarah and Carter Smith

Jonathon Smith

Rachel and Dan Stinehelfer

Elizabeth Thomas

Kathy Traynham

Simone Vicidomini

Catherine Constantacos and Konstantinos Votanopoulos

Carmen and Darron Walsh

Amy and Jason Wenker

Tashara Williams

John Wilson

Anna and Brian Windham

Samantha and Elliott Woltz

Jonna and David Yarborough

Kristen Zeller