Our Purpose

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Whitaker Circle of Commitment to enhance instructional opportunities that benefit the students of Whitaker Elementary School.

Whitaker Circle of Commitment (WCofC) was formed in response to growing cutbacks in state funding in education, and strict limitations imposed upon the PTA with regard to what it can fund. Because these have a serious impact on the quality of our children’s education, the Whitaker Circle of Commitment was formed to find ways to bridge the financial gaps left by the state, local school system and PTA.

Whitaker Circle of Commitment is an NC nonprofit corporation and 501(c)(3) tax exempt entity.  The mission and fundraising efforts of WcofC benefit Whitaker Elementary School. The organization is funded through individual donations from families, friends and community leaders, and through events such as Giving Week.

The Board of Directors of Whitaker Circle of Commitment consists of a cross section of school and community leaders with varying professional expertise who share a passion for supporting Whitaker Elementary School.

Board of Directors

Nicole Beale President
John Beeler Vice President
Teresa Inman Secretary/Treasurer
Michael Myers Member at Large
Britt Parrish Member at Large
Angela Hubbard Member at Large
Eurikca Eustache WES PTA President
Sharon Creasy *WES Principal
Nicole Johnson *WES PTA President Elect
*WES K-2
Catherine Yancey *WES 3-5

*Advisory/Non-Voting Members

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