Giving Week Aug 24-Sept 4

Giving Week  Activities

Student Coin Drive:

Students bring in your coins during giving week, our goal is for students to contribute $5000 through the Coin Drive

Giving Breakfast:

Wednesday, August 26th
parents and students are invited to attend a complimentary informative breakfast before the school day begins.

Here are just some of the ways in which gifts will impact students at Whitaker.

  • $50 access to web-based education software for 3 students
  • $300 buys a Chrome book for student use
  • $500 brings one day of professional development trainer services for faculty
  • $1000 funds 1/20th toward stage & presentation upgrades
  • $40,000 does all of this AND creates opportunities to ensure our children get resources not supported in district/state funding

100% participation: We’re asking each family to make a pledge to the WCofC, however big or small.
Our goal is to raise $40,000 in Giving Week pledges. 

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